Tim Warriner

[Google mistakenly thinks this page has malicious content, despite the whole website being just HTML, CSS and pictures, with no cookies or Javascript. There used to be some programs I wrote on here, but none of them were remotely malicious. I removed all the programs in May 2018, yet Google is still blacklisting my website, and as a consequence this website is on some list, which means browsers such as Firefox block access to it. Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex and Dreamhost don't think this website is malicious, so I guess Google just doesn't like playing cards].

Removing the Mystery of Euler's Formula [PDF]:
An explanation of Euler's Formula (e^ix = cos x + i sin x). [Mirrored from my temporary website]

Storing messages in playing cards:
How to encode and encrypt binary data into a deck of 52 playing cards.

Things from years ago:

How to remember which cards have been dealt from a pack of cards: here

Dismantling a Chubb Manifoil combination lock: here