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A Free Beginner's Guide to the Janome 1200d

Somehow, I've ended up writing a free guide to the Janome 1200d. The Janome 1200d is a combination overlocker (serger) and coverstitcher (cover hemmer). It can be a difficult machine to understand at first as there is a lot to know. This book should save people hours of confusion and experimenting when they first start using one. The book explains the parts of the 1200d and how to use the Janome 1200d instruction manual. My book goes through several stitches step by step with countless photographs.

The book will also help users of the Elna 845 and 745, and to some extent, the Elna 744 (which is also the Janome 1100d).

Download it here:
[20 MB PDF. Last edited on the 23rd of May 2024.]