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A book about waves

I wrote a book that teaches the basics of waves and signals. It is intended for people who never studied much maths at school or who find the subject difficult to understand. It starts at the very beginning with definitions of Sine and Cosine, and progresses from there.

Download part 1: here [63 MB PDF. Last edited on 15th October 2021]
Part 2 will be completed in 2022.

The contents of the book are as follows:

Chapter 1: Triangles, circles, and sine and cosine
Chapter 2: More complicated aspects of triangles and circles
Chapter 3: Angle-based waves
Chapter 4: Time-based waves
Chapter 5: Amplitude
Chapter 6: Frequency
Chapter 7: Phase
Chapter 8: Mean levels
Chapter 9: Wave formulas
Chapter 10: Terminology
Chapter 11: More about frequency
Chapter 12: Creating a circle from a wave
Chapter 13: Addition with waves
Chapter 14: Addition with circles
Chapter 15: The frequency domain
Chapter 16: Multiplication with waves
Chapter 17: Multiplication with circles
Chapter 18: Finding constituent waves in a signal (Fourier series analysis)
Chapter 19: Aperiodic signals - signals that do not repeat
Chapter 20: The number Pi
Chapter 21: Radians and other angle systems
Chapter 22: Complex numbers
Chapter 23: Complex numbers and waves
Chapter 24: Powers of i
Chapter 25: An explanation of exponentials
Chapter 26: The number e
Chapter 27: Waves in terms of exponentials
Chapter 28: e and i in more depth
Chapter 29: An explanation of basic calculus