Tim Warriner

Welcome to my website. Here are some of the things I have written over the years:

A book about waves
A book that explains the basics of waves and signals in an easy-to-understand way: here

Storing messages in playing cards
How to encode and encrypt binary data into a deck of 52 playing cards: here

An explanation of binary and hexadecimal
A PDF lesson that explains binary, hexadecimal, and how computers store numbers: here

A free beginner's guide to the Janome 1200d
How to use the Janome 1200d: here

A method for remembering playing cards
How to remember which cards have been dealt from a pack of cards by using binary and hexadecimal: here

Dismantling a Chubb Manifoil combination lock
Some pictures showing the disassembly and reassembly of a second-hand Chubb Mark 4 Manifoil lock: here

How to calculate the highest common divisor
A method for calculating the highest common divisor (greatest common factor) of two numbers: here

Removing the mysteries of e
An explanation of why Imaginary powers of e behave the way they do: here